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 3 Things Men Wish You Knew


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Show #243: My guest on the show is Cheyenne Bostock, a Life & Relationship Expert at CheyenneBostock.com.

3 Things Men Wish You Knew…

For Cheyenne Bostock, relationships that crash and burn aren’t unfamiliar territory. He knows exactly how painful relationships can be when they end when the problems could have been avoided.
Cheyenne started coaching when his relationship failed. He knew that there were some key things that he was doing right, and there were things that she definitely could have improved on. So, to help ladies cultivate healthy relationships, he began spreading the word about the steps women can take to improve and grow.
This week, Cheyenne and I discuss three things men wish you knew! 

Be Mindful of his Financial Situation

Men don’t like to date. According to Cheyenne, it’s an absolute truth. There are two things men value—their time and their money. When it comes to dating, it’s easy for men to fall into viewing it as a waste of that time and money. So, there must be reciprocity to see the value in date. The issue lies in the fact that a lot of women may view dates as a gift, so they don’t reciprocate. As a result, pain and resentment are associated with dating for men. They can think, what am I getting out of it? A few dates down the line, time and money won’t be a factor if you really like each other, but it’s important to be sensitive to his money needs. Think long-term, think about all the time, energy, and money that goes into becoming a husband or father, if that’s what you want in the future. Consider if you want something now or if you want a long-term, lasting result. If you want that lasting result, expensive dates won’t contribute to those long-term future goals. Be mindful of his situation!

Food is the Key to Conversation

Food is the way to a man’s heart. According to Cheyenne, many women don’t understand the gravity of this truth! Food is a great way to draw a man in, especially when you need “to talk.” Automatically, his guards will be down if you approach him with this gift of food, of making him dinner. Take sweet time preparing the meal, so there’s more time to talk. Start by talking about his day, and then ease your concerns into the conversation. If you take your time making the food, you’ll be able to spend more time talking about what’s on your mind. Remember, he won’t be going anywhere as long as he’s waiting for that dinner!

He Wants You to Know the Importance of Words of Affirmation

Affirmation is one of the greatest things you can give a man. It’s the difference between you having a boyfriend and you having a husband. Making him feel like he’s wanted, needed, and appreciated is so important to the success of any lasting relationship! There are words of affirmation that you can say daily that won’t cost you a dime but will mean the world to you. Encourage him to keep going at his lowest point. Make him feel better. Men love when you stroke his ego! It’s definitely a thing he wants you to know, but won’t tell you.
What do you think about Cheyenne’s three things men wish you knew? Let us know in the comments below!
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