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5 Things Men Find Beautiful in a Woman
Men Find Beautiful in a Woman

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Show #189: My guest on the show is PJ Dixon, Life, Love & Relationship Coach at PJ’s Wisdom.
On this week’s show, I welcome back PJ Potter, a love, life, and relationship coach. Inspired by his business coach to shift his career focus to love, PJ offers relationship advice to men and women that are looking to attract that special someone.
This week, we focus on the qualities of a woman that make her shine bright above the others. For those that are wondering what attracts men, PJ and I discuss five things that men find beautiful in a woman.
PJ’s first quality that men find beautiful in a woman is her softness and femininity. Men spend the entirety of their lives baring their muscles and pushing forward with a harshness that rarely shows a gentler side. A soft, feminine woman draws out the natural protector and server in a man, giving the hardened masculine a space to rest and appreciate his partner.
Like in any form of human contact, kindness is key. When it comes to what attracts a man, being kind shows that a woman is accessible and easy to connect with. A kind woman is approachable, and a man doesn’t have to feel overwhelmed by her beauty and fear rejection. PJ emphasizes that when a woman is kind, she opens herself up for a man to see her authentic, genuine beauty.
The third quality that men find absolutely beautiful in a woman is her smell. Incredibly attuned to his senses, a man will never forget a woman that walks by him with a scent that sparks a primal desire deep within him. A bit of vanilla- or cinnamon-scented perfume speaks beyond a woman’s physicality to her entire essence, driving a man to chase the attraction he feels for her.
The fourth quality that men find beautiful in a woman is her ability to protect a man from himself. Referring back to the harshness of masculinity, men do not like to feel weak or vulnerable. When a woman is able to enter a man’s space in moments of distress and let him know that she believes in him, it helps boost his confidence and allows him to feel the relief of knowing his partner has the utmost faith in him.
PJ’s final quality that men find beautiful in a woman is her laughter and carefree attitude. When a woman allows herself to reveal her sensuality by stopping to smell beautiful roses or savor every bite of a delicious meal, a man can’t help but be engulfed by the attraction he feels to her.
What do you think? What is it about the woman that you love that never fails to make your heart skip a beat? In the comments below, leave us your thoughts on PJ’s five things that men find beautiful in a woman and what attracts men.
About the Guest: PJ Dixon is a life, love, and relationship coach at PJ’s Wisdom. At the young age of seven, PJ became a motivational speaker, building his knowledge of love and relationships over the years by analyzing the experiences of his friends and family. He now uses his expertise to help men and women understand how they relate to each other in order to build stronger romantic relationships.
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