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Big Announcement – The New Show!
It’s Never Too Late!

Welcome back!

I’m Suzanne Oshima, Life & Love Transformational Coach and I want to welcome you back to the relaunch of my new show!

I know, it’s been awhile since you’ve heard from me…

Maybe you’ve been listening to my show for years, or maybe you just stumbled across the show recently.

So, I wanted to do this solo show, as I wanted to share with you what’s been going on for me since the last episode of the Single in Stilettos Show aired in 2018.

I launched the Single in Stilettos Show back in 2013.  And from 2013 through 2018, I released a total of 255 Single in Stilettos Shows!

And it was truly amazing along the way and I loved every minute of it. And I know you loved it too, as I had over 1 million downloads of the show….which absolutely blows my mind!

So, I wanted to share with you what’s happened, since the last episode of the Single in Stilettos Show aired.

In 2018, I was going through some major shifts and a-ha moments in my life both personally and professionally.

I was doing a lot of self reflection about myself and my business.

And while as much as I loved the Single in Stilettos brand name…because it had that “Sex and The City” feel.

But in 2018, I realized that as much as I loved the name, Single in Stilettos…the truth is, at 54 years old it no longer resonated with me or my audience.

My Bigger Mission in Life!

I realized that I had a bigger mission.

I realized that I had a deeper core calling in life.

I realized that I was being called to do something so much bigger, not only for myself but more importantly for YOU!

I realized that I wanted to empower and inspire women to realize…that it’s never too late to create your next amazing story in life and love.


Because all too often, it would break my heart to hear a woman say, “it’s too late for me!”…when I knew deep down inside that it wasn’t too late for her to do anything and everything in life!

And I realized that in my own life, I have always gone after and created what I wanted later in life. I never let age get in the way of what I wanted.

And I want women to see that they could create whatever they wanted in life and love…no matter her age!

And that’s why I changed the brand name of my company from Single in Stilettos to Your Next Amazing Story!

And I love, love my new company name!

Don’t you??

And with the new company brand name, Your Next Amazing Story! comes the new name of the show…

The New Show: It’s Never Too Late! Show

Announcing the launch of the new show, “It’s Never Too Late!” Show.

I wanted to do something different…

I want to go a little deeper in my interviews with amazing guests.

So, instead of the short 10 min episodes, we’re going to go for about 30 minutes because I want you to get inspired and empowered!

I’m going to be doing interviews with women who had overcome major obstacles and in their lives to start over in…life, love, health and wealth.

And every so often, I will also do a solo show to help you breakthrough, transform and overcome the things that may be keeping you stuck or holding you back from your next amazing story.

The new show episodes will be released every Friday, so mark your calendar.

And the show will still be available both in video and audio format.

You can get access to all the shows on my site: www.yournextamazingstory.com

This is where you’ll find the show summary and notes.

And you can subscribe to my email list, if you would like to be notified when the new episodes of the It’s Never Too Late! podcast & video show are released each week.

And if you like the show, please review it on iTunes!

So, get ready to be inspired and empowered with the, It’s Never Too Late! Show.

And I can’t wait!

Because we’re going to laugh, love and cry along the way.  And I’ll be there to hold you hand, as you go through this amazing journey in your life!

And always remember…it’s never too late, to create your next amazing story in life & love!

So, I’ll see you on the next episode of the It’s Never Too Late! Show.

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