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Show #285: It’s Never Too Late… Be Yourself, Everyone Else is Taken

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Suzanne Oshima –  Life & Love Transformational Coach is sharing with you why it’s important to be yourself when you’re trying to find love, because everyone else is taken.

Let Your Walls Down

When you go out on a first date, do you find it hard to let down your walls and be yourself?

You’re not alone…the truth is, a lot of women feel this way.

They’re afraid of being themselves on first dates for fear that the men won’t like them for who they are.

A friend of mine, whom I’ll call Marcie (to protect her privacy) would always show up on a first date, as a version of herself that wasn’t truly who she was in real life.

She would show up dressed to the nines in expensive outfits with her hair and make up done flawlessly.

And she would act a certain way and always say the “right” things to impress him.

He Fell In Love With Her, But It Didn’t Keep Him!

And that’s what made John* fall completely head over heels for her…he thought she was the most amazing woman he had ever met.

As they got deeper into the relationship, she still never felt comfortable to fully open up or be vulnerable with him.

Even after several months in, Marcie never let down her walls and let him get to know the real version of herself.

She was afraid that if she exposed the real Marcie to John that he wouldn’t like her. But the problem was, she eventually became completely exhausted trying to keep up the charade of being flawless and perfect.

Unfortunately, the relationship didn’t work out because John said that he felt like she had too many walls up.

Be Yourself Everyone Else is Taken!

Whenever I hear stories like this, it always breaks my heart…because at this point in our lives, why can’t we as women have the confidence to stand in our power and just show up as the best versions of ourselves?

The best version being….







Not so flawless!

When you show up as the best version of your genuine self…the RIGHT MAN will fall in love with the REAL YOU!

If you want to know how be the best authentic version of yourself, then tune into my amazing interview, “It’s Never Too Late…To Be Yourself, Everyone Else is Taken” with my amazing guest host, Michelle Ann Owens.

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