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Blindsided By Betrayal

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Show #306: Blindsided By Betrayal…How To Trust & Love Again!

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Have you ever been blindsided by betrayal by your ex-husband or boyfriend?

You’re not alone!

I, too was completely blindsided by betrayal by the man who was the love of my life and had planned to grow into our golden years together.

When I discovered the betrayal…

My heart was shattered into a million little pieces.

It completely knocked me down and I fell to my knees.

At first I couldn’t cry or breathe, because I was in complete shock.

I thought to myself…

How could the man who I gave everything to, completely betray me and just throw everything we had away?!

I kept wishing and hoping it wasn’t real…all I wanted, was to wake up from that horrible nightmare.

But I didn’t wake up from it. I started having anxiety and panic attacks, which I had never had in my life.

And that’s when the reality set in…

This was my life now…

I had to pick up the pieces to move on.

But that was easier said than done.

I Freed Myself from Prison

For over a year, I felt like I was on the misery merry go round, that I couldn’t get off…no matter how hard I tried.

The truth was, I was stuck.

I wasn’t able to move on.

That is until…

I had a life awakening moment.

I realized that it was no longer my ex’s fault.

I was the one who was keeping myself locked up in a prison of misery, anger, shame, fear and guilt.

My ex wasn’t the one who was keeping me locked in that miserable prison because he was no longer in my life.

It was at that moment…

I finally made a decision to free myself from that horrible prison.

To be free from the anger, shame, fear and guilt.

I was able to forgive him, and more importantly, myself!

And I was able to find the strength and courage to rebuild my life and move on.

If you can relate to my experience and you feel like you’re still stuck from being blindsided by betrayal…

I promise you, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

But you just need to go through the five stages from betrayal to breakthrough…to get to the other side.

If you want to find out what those stages are, then tune into my amazing interview with, Dr. Debi Silber, Author of, “Trust Again: Overcoming Betrayal and Regaining Health, Confidence and Happiness”

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