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Body Language Tips on a Date
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Show #18: My guest on the show is Robyn Hatcher, Communications Expert & Author at SpeakEtc.com.  Robyn has over 17 years of experience, as a Communications Expert and is the Author of the book, “Standing Ovation Presentations”.
Robyn finds that the majority of communication issues stem from people’s inability to recognize and “own” their tremendous value when it comes to their professional and personal life.
When it comes to dating, body language is an unspoken language that can actually say more to a guy on a date, than you may be aware of. It’s important for you to know the right body language signals to give off, to show a man you’re interested in him.
And when you know what to look out for in his body language on a date, then you’ll be ten steps ahead of the game, when it comes to dating & meeting the right man!

Robyn gives you the best body language tips on a date and answers these questions:

  • Why a man’s first impression of you is so important on a first date
  • The best 3 body language tips on a date
  • How the tone of a woman’s voice can attract a man
  • The body language signals women should look out for to tell if a guy is interested in her

Watch Now and find out the best body language tips on a date from Robyn!
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