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Show #246: My guest on the show is Lisa Shield, Dating & Relationship Coach at Emotionally Naked Dating.

Can Casual Sex Turn into Love?

Lisa Shield knows that rushing into the next stage of a relationship can be incredibly tempting.
The chemistry starts flowing between you and him with incredible force, and you’re completely ready to take it to the next level. Do you jump into bed with him after only a few dates? Or do you wait a bit so you can get to know each other?
This week, Lisa and I discuss a topic that so many woman wonder as they worry over the precarious balance they are trying to nurture in their relationships with men: can casual sex turn into love?

Don’t Give in to Every Primal Instinct

Let’s face it – Mother Nature is a powerful force, one that affects the lives of both men and women alike. The important thing to realize is that you can’t give in, as much as your natural instincts are telling you to. Try your best to ignore the urge to jump right into bed with a man from the beginning, no matter how strong the connection seems to be between you at the moment. Take the time to get to know each other, because it’s important to foster a relationship that recognizes the desires and needs of both parties. Giving it up too early will most likely result to him disappearing without a trace, leaving you heartbroken, confused, and without any sense of closure to move forward.

Keep Casual Sex and Romantic Sex Seperate

While it’s important to realize the unsteady nature of sex when looking for a true connection in a romantic partner, there’s nothing wrong with seeking out a casual, healthy sex life. Just remember to keep the two spheres separate! When you’re looking for a sexual partner, take heed to go in without any expectations of romantic involvement with him – avoid the heartbreak and confusion. When you decide to get a bit more serious in your search for love, then consider the power that sex has and its effect on romance in the long run.

Be Comfortable in Your Decision to Have Sex

Comfort should be your number one priority when finding love. More often than not, your gut is telling you the truth – so if you don’t feel comfortable having sex with him yet, don’t do it! Always remember to take the time to understand yourself and what you want out of love. Identify exactly what it is that you’re looking for in an ideal partner, and make sure that any man you sleep with possesses your must-have qualities in him.
What do you think about Lisa’s insight on whether casual sex can turn into love? Let us know in the comments below!
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