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Dating to a Committed Relationship
Casually Dating to a Committed Relationship


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Show #93: My guest on the show is Dr. Diana Kirschner, Best Selling Author & CEO of Love in 90 Days.

How to Go from Casually Dating to a Committed Relationship with a Man:

Dr. Diana advice on how to go from casually dating to a committed relationship is based on the real laws of attraction. If you follow these tips while you’re dating a man, you will be one step closer to getting into a exclusive relationship with him and falling in love:

  • It’s important to continue having fun outside & inside the bedroom
  • Be radiantly happy
  • Don’t be a diva and a drama queen
  • Make him feel good around you
  • Be patient with where you’re at in the dating/relationship process

How long should you wait for a commitment?

There is no set time frame of how long you should wait for a commitment.  It really depends on your interactions with him.
What’s important is that there is consistent improvement in the relationship progressing along. That he’s consistently sharing his life, family and friends with you.  And that it’s a general trend of growing closer together.

Is it a bad idea to give a man an ultimatum?

It’s never a good idea to give any man an ultimatum, because no one likes to feel like they’re being forced to make a decision.
So, a more positive way to handle it, is to first make a commitment to yourself and the universe will move with you.  Make a decision that is a love intention for yourself.
Tell yourself that you’re giving yourself a lasting true love relationship that is filled with love, passion and joy.
Then, tell him that you’re creating this amazing life for yourself and that you would love to do that with him and see what he says.  Tell him, if it’s not you then I need do it with someone else. If it’s him, he will rise to the occasion, if it’s not he will gradually fade from the picture.
If you follow these dating & relationship tips from Dr. Diana, you’re more likely to go from casually dating to an exclusive relationship with the right man.
If you want to know the REAL secrets to meeting men, then check out my eBook, “The Secrets to Meeting Men!”…even if you’re shy!

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