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I’m Suzanne Oshima

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Allana Pratt
To Come Out On Top Regardless of What Happened

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How To Be and Stay Sexy

Show #264: It’s Never Too Late…To Come Out On Top Regardless of What Happened

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Allana Pratt – Intimacy Expert is sharing with you how to confidently come out on top regardless of what happened in your past relationships.

Going Through a Break Up Isn’t Easy

Going through a break up is never easy, but it can be even more difficult to move on when you’ve been betrayed or hurt.

Some experts will tell you to just get back out there and date again, to help you get over the pain of the break up…but I completely disagree.

If you’re searching for love with a wounded heart…you’re setting yourself up for a disaster!

Heal Your Wounds First

The truth is…

You must heal the wounds in your heart first, because when you’re wounded and empty on the inside…you may look for a man to fill that void.

And the problem is…NO MAN can fill that VOID!

It has to be first be filled by YOU first!

Otherwise, you will enter into the relationship with a deficit and you may find yourself having a hard time getting emotionally intimate with a man.

The kind of emotional intimacy where you take off your mask and let your walls down to be more transparent, vulnerable, honest and REAL!

Be Real!

Real not only with a man…but real with YOURSELF!

Real in a way, where you’re intimate and vulnerable with yourself first, because the most important relationship you can have is the healthy relationship with yourself.

And when you get have a healthy relationship yourself, that’s when you will attract the type of man who has done his own work and you both can create a healthy partnership together.

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