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Date More Than One Man
Should I Date More Than One Man?

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Should you date more than one man at a time?

The short answer is a resounding, YES!
You should NEVER just date one man at a time, until you become exclusive with him.
Have you ever heard that saying, “Never put all your eggs in basket”?
Well, it applies to dating…”Never date one man at a time!”
The smart single woman dates several men at time, so she can weed out the men who aren’t right for her.
As time goes along, you will get to know the men on a more intimate level and you may discover that one man that you thought was so amazing, really isn’t that amazing after all and isn’t a good fit for you.
So, you can move on to the next man who is more compatible with you in a long term relationship.
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  1. k says:

    Hi Susanna! I def. agree w/ you..great advice! I believe in what you’re saying & have always dated multiple men as to not waste my time, although for the next time around I’m wondering what’s the recommended length of time before becoming exclusive? (I recently went thru a bad breakup where we dated for over a year, only to find out a month or so ago he changed his mind about a future together..). I obviously don’t want to waste another year of my life on one person who in the end wasn’t so deserving of my time & devotion. (We agreed to be exclusive around the 4-5 month mark). Wondering if it’s possible/ recommended to keep dating other people until engaged? (I believe if someone truly wants to be w/ ou, they’ll take your needs/ feelings into consideration & compromise.) thxs! xxoo

    1. Hi K,
      Unfortunately, i can’t give you a set time frame of when it’s the right time to become exclusive, as it really depends on you and your interactions with the man you’re dating. For everyone it’s different.
      That being said, I don’t recommend dating other people until you’re engaged. It’s highly unlikely that a man will ask you to marry him while you’re dating other men, or while he’s seeing other women. You need time to be exclusive with each other before you get engaged.
      And unfortunately, there’s no guarantees in life that it will work out even if you do become exclusive, as you found out. The only way to find out, is to be willing to take the risk and find out.
      Hope that help!

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