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Biggest Dating Mistakes Women Make
Biggest Dating Mistakes Women Make


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Show #46: My guest on the show is Lori Bizzoco, Executive Editor & Founder of
When Lori was single, she discovered how hard it was to balance her career and dating.  While she found it can be difficult to find that perfect balance, she also found that it’s not as impossible, as you may think!
Lori completely changed her dating life in her late 30’s, found true love, got married and had two children…all while having a successful career. She discovered that you can be successful in your career and your love life by avoiding the 3 biggest mistakes women make when it comes to their career and dating.

Lori’s dating advice for women on how to avoid these 3 biggest mistakes:

  • How having the wrong attitude when it comes to dating can actually sabotage your dating life
  • Why you have to leave your career at the office and not bring it with you on a date
  • Why being ‘too busy’ is what’s actually keeping you single!

Lori gives you her best dating advice for women, on how to avoid the 3 biggest dating mistakes career women make!

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