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Dating Advice for Women - Commitment Phobic Men
Dating Advice for Women - Commitment Phobic Men

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Show #44: My guest on the show is Jonathon Aslay, Dating & Relationship Coach for Women, at UnderstandMenNow.com.
Jonathon works with women to help them understand what men think and want from women, from a ‘guy’s guy’ point of view.  He knows the male brain and how it works when it comes to dating and relationships. 

Jonathon’s dating advice for women on commitment phobic men:

  • Define what commitment means for you
  • There are different levels of commitment, ask yourself what you require
  • You have to have a talk with him about commitment…don’t assume!
  • There’s a difference between men and boys
  • Boys only think about themselves
  • What should a woman do, if she’s dating a man who’s commitment phobic?
  • Ask yourself, what do YOU want?
  • Are YOUR needs being met?
  • Are you finding that you’re frustrated all the time in the relationship?
  • Is he giving you quality time?
  • What does blending lives look like to you?
  • When is the right time for you to move on?
  • Move on when his actions don’t match his words
  • The 5 C’s to a Successful Relationship
  • Commitment Ready vs. Commitment Phobic
  • There has a to be a “we”, not an “I” or “him”
Jonathon gives you his best dating advice for women, to help find the right man who wants a relationship!

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