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What makes a man fall in love
What Makes a Man Fall in Love with You


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Show #38: My guest on the show is Thomas Edwards, Jr., who is a Professional Wingman at
While every man and woman is different, there are some key qualities every man looks for in a woman that he could fall in love with. If you’re missing these qualities, it’s going to be very difficult for your relationship to last for the long haul.

Thomas’ advice for women, on what makes a man fall in love with you:

  • Emotional Stability
  • Low Drama!
  • Sexual compatibility
  • Being Supportive
  • Showing Appreciation

Thomas tells you why this key qualities are so important to every man and why it’s need for a man to fall in love with you!
Find out what Thomas says about what makes a man fall in love!
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  1. susan says:

    The audio keeps stopping at 4 minutes.

    1. Hi Susan, I just checked it and the video isn’t stopping for me. If you’re still having problems, it may be a bandwidth issue.

    2. Also, you can try and view it YouTube too, here’s the link:

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