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  1. Writer619 says:

    This man gives me a pain in the butt. He’s like so many of who I’ve heard over and over again say, “You have to be happy first before you can attract a mate.” The ONLY reason…NOTE….the ONLY reason I am not as happy as I could be is because I am ALONE. Because I am not willing to settle (which he talked about…) for just anyone and trust me just ANYONE keeps coming along and they are all JERKS!!!! OR they are decent guys but they don’t want a life with me or are not ready. But of course they want to have sex with me!!! Or I’m not attracted to them. Let me just say this…do you know how many stories I have heard and how many women (and men) I know who were NOT happy the whole way…in fact, miserable for having to be alone for years, but they finally met the love of their life? They, like me, were living their life…and actually were quite accomplished, but coming home every day and night to an empty home is enough to do anyone in… me included. And then all of a sudden they met someone and it all changed and they couldn’t believe (and neither could anyone else) how happy and relieved and glorious they felt to have love in their lives once again. BUT NOTE: THEY WERE NOT HAPPY before they met that person. And if they never met anyone to be with and had to be alone for the rest of their life…they never would have been happy the whole way…which is what I know I won’t be if it never happens. If that truly is what I want in my heart, how can I be??? So this CRAP about you have to be completely happy to attract someone is all BS. No one wants to be around an unhappy person if that’s what you are in general but if you are simply unhappy having to be alone, there is a HUGE difference. Let me educate you. It is VERY HARD to find someone to love in this crazy world especially if you don’t want to settle… which many do. It’s hard to find a partner who fits with you and who you are attracted to physically, mentally, emotionally and intellectually (and they to you also!) and why so many settle for less. This is going on EVEN with ALL the single people out there (!) and as you get older….it becomes even harder. We are all different. Some will never find mates and they are wonderful people. Some who aren’t so wonderful will find one. Some who do want a father figure for their kids will find one. Or someone to help financially. This happens ALL the time to some, while others aren’t so lucky, so don’t say it doesn’t happen. People like this man are grasping at straws pretending to have all the answers like so many of these therapists and GURUS out there. Well, guess what? NO ONE has all the answers and don’t ever buy into the fact that anyone does!

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