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Dating Mistakes Women Make
Dating Mistakes


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The 5 Biggest Dating Mistakes:

No one ever said dating was easy, however you may be making some of the biggest dating mistakes on a date that is keeping you single!

  • Thinking You Can’t Be Beautiful & Smart

You can be the total package, both smart AND beautiful! Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you can only be one or the other.

The right men like women who are both…the insecure man, just wants the beautiful woman.

  • Always Having to Prove a Point

You don’t have to show him that you know everything on a date. If you have differences of opinion about something, just be more open minded to his stance and how he came to a conclusion, instead of feeling the need to argue your point.

Don’t worry about being right, just focus more on getting to know him. If you’re always trying to “one up” the man you’re on a date with, it will be a big turn off and I guarantee, you won’t get asked out on a second date.

  •  Credential Dropping

Of course as a woman, you should be proud of all your accomplishments. However if you lead with your career accomplishments and degrees, it’s not what’s going to make a man fall in love with you.

A man wants to know what you’re passionate about the common interests you both have, as that’s what going to connect you.

  •  Inability to Give a Good Sound Bite

In general, women can talk a lot, but sometimes you need to focus on being able to focus on a sound bite that shines you in the best possible light.

Also, it’s important to be a good listener on a first date. If you find that you’re the one who’s dominating the conversation, it’s going to be a big turn off to a man, and again, he probably won’t ask you out on a second date.

  • Putting Down Other Women

No matter what, it’s never a good idea to put down other women in any way.  Men dislike when women are catty towards other women, even if it’s with what may seem like an “innocent comment”.

Be the type of woman that builds up other women, and that will show him that you’re a woman of good character.

All in all, if you avoid these simple 5 biggest dating mistakes, it will help you be more successful with dating and meeting the right man.
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