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Dating Red Flags
Dating Red Flags for Women

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Show #11: My guest on the show is Joe Amoia, Dating & Relationship Strategist for Women at Smarter Dating for Women. Joe works with women who really want to learn from their past, and not repeat it. Joe helps women understand what makes a man really want to commit to you.

Joe & I discuss why it’s so important not to ignore the dating red flags in a relationship:

  • The Dating Red Flags are there, so why are you not seeing the Red Flags in the first place?
  • The Dating Red Flags make you make decisions that you probably don’t want to make
  • Be crystal clear on what you want in a relationship
  • What are your essential needs from a man
  • What if he isn’t giving you what you need?
  • Observe a man’s actions, not what the words he says.
  • How does a man treat other people
  • What’s his relationship with his family members
  • What if he doesn’t open up to you?
  • How does a woman get a man to open up to her?
  • What happens when you ask a man a lot of questions up front?
  • What’s the difference between men and boys?
  • What kind of men should you avoid?
  • A man will make an “investment” in a woman
  • Do men need an emotional connection to sleep with a woman?
  • Does sleeping with someone mean more to a man or woman
  • What if a man’s not consistent in his actions?
  • Why it’s important to show a guy what your standards are
  • Look at a man’s integrity in every aspect of his life
  • Women need to learn how to manage their emotions
  • Why you need to stop making excuses for his actions
  • Why you can’t make a man be the man what you want him to be
  • What’s a tell tale sign you need to get out of a relationship?
  • Why you need to put a man on “probation” before he becomes your boyfriend

Watch Now and find out what are some dating red flags to watch out for!
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  1. Alexandra Denise says:

    The ABCs are gone!! I’m late to the game but so looked forward to reading them! 🙁

  2. Wendy Allen says:

    A guy who is nice to waitresses maybe a narcissist who is charming until a person is hooked and then takes off the mask. Dreams/goals are good. Some a child and thinks a person is trying to hurt them..thinks they are a victim. Being “good” doesn’t mean they are better…they are wearing a mask and think all people should wear a mask. Yes…if upset it may not be the right relationship.

  3. Wendy Allen says:

    I can tell when I am being interviewed and if I passed the interview. Women are smart. Yes…be yourself. The minute you have to cover up/change to keep him then you lose.

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