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Dating Tips for Single Moms
Dating Tips for Women - Dating Tips for Single Moms


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Show #43: My guest on the show is Kerri Zane, Single Mom Lifestyle Expert & Author of “It Takes All 5 – A Single Moms Guide to Finding the REAL One!” at KerriZane.com.
Kerri knows first hand how hard it can be for single moms to get back out there and date. In 2001, her 12 year marriage fell apart. She went through a turmoil of emotions and was truly scared of what the future would hold for her.
In her journey, she learned important life and empowerment skills that gave her a broad mental and emotional baseline to not just survive, but thrive! She began to embrace compassionate self-forgiveness, truly listened to her intuition, worked on redefining her past life and retired the word “mistake” from her vocabulary, and embraced the power in her ability to make her own choices.
Kerri learned how to live happily ever after…and you can too!

Kerri’s dating tips for single moms answers these questions:

  • When is the right time to start dating again?
  • How to balance dating and your family.
  • How to handle telling the guy you’re out on a date with, that you have kids.
  • How to overcome the challenges of men who don’t want to date women with children.
Kerri give you her best dating tips for single moms, to help you get out there and date again!

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