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Dating tips for women - How to ask a guy out
Dating tips for Women - How to Ask a guy out


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Show #45: My guest on the show is Hunt Ethridge, Dating Coach at New York Dating Coach.
Hunt is a Dating Coach that works with singles to help them transform their dating lives to meet the right one. Hunt strives to make everyone the best version of themselves and become more dateable. He focuses on building up confidence, leadership, image & style and conversation skills.

Hunt’s dating tips for women on how to ask a guy out:

  • Understand that men like to be the aggressors
  • Understand that men like the element of the chase
  • Suggest something that you would like to do to him
  • Show him what you’re interested in…and allow him to ask you out
  • Let him feel like he’s participating in the date plan
  • Drop big hints on the guy, or he won’t get it!
  • Notice what he likes to do and suggest you do that together
  • Show interest in what he likes to do
  • Let him show off to you
  • The best dating tip from Hunt…just ask a guy out!
  • It’s important to be straight forward, don’t get to nervous, or it will make him uncomfortable
  • Show him that you’re receptive to a second date
  • In the long run, you need to let him work to get you!
  • Who should pay on a date? It depends!
  • Should you do the fake wallet pull out and offer to pay for the date?

Hunt gives you his best dating tips for women, on the 3 best tips for asking a guy out!

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