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Why Do Men Disappear - Dating Tips for women
Dating Tips for Women - Why Do Men Disappear


what attracts a man podcast
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Show #33: My guest on the show is Joe Amoia, Dating & Relationship Strategist at SmarterDatingforWomen.com

Joe is a Dating & Relationship Strategist, who doesn’t just give you superficial dating tips & advice.  Joe dives deep into the root of the problem, when it comes to dating.  He’s a no nonsense, kind of a guy and just tells it like it is….must be because he’s a native New Yorker!
When Joe works with women to help them transform their dating lives. It’s about learning from your past and not repeating the same mistakes over.

Joe’s dating tips for women on why men disappear in these situations:

  • When a man disappears after a few great dates and an amazing connection.
  • When you’re in a relationship with a man, and you go away for the Holidays, or you don’t see each other for awhile and he just disappears.
  • When you’re in a relationship with a man, and something traumatic happens in your life such as a death in the family or you get a serious illness and he just disappears.

Find out what Joe says about why men disappear in these types of situations.
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  1. Casey says:

    So where is the link? Good thing I know to find his channel on YouTube.
    This is ridiculous the way it isn’t made easy that i can see, to find the link on your site for Joe. Just nuts!

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