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Don't Lose Weight to Find Love
Don't Lose Weight to Find Love - Here's Why

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Show #188: My guest on the show is Duana Welch, Author of “Love Factually”.
On this week’s show, I welcome back Duana Welch, the author of Love Factually: 10 Proven Steps from I Wish to I Do. As a strictly fact-based person, Duana knew that relying on evidence would be the key to understanding what it is that makes romantic relationships work. Once she found the methods of finding love that worked for the most people most of the time, Love Factually was born.
This week, Duana and I discuss a topic that affects women so often that it can be difficult to think about much else at any stage of a relationship: weight. When it comes to how to find love, the good news is that your weight doesn’t have to consume you every thought. This week, Duana offers a few reasons why you shouldn’t lose weight to find love.
Duana’s first reason not to focus so much on weight is that in the United States and around the world, many men prefer a body type that is actually heavier than the one that many women think they prefer. Don’t overthink your weight and keep in mind that all men have different preferences.
The second reason that a woman shouldn’t lose weight to find love is that men are more concerned with his partner having a feminine shape than he is about her actual weight. A healthy, discernable waist has been a sign of fertility in cultures across the globe for centuries – subconsciously, men are much more concerned with reproductive capacity than a number on a scale. Duana urges women to take at least 30 minutes out of five days a week for a brisk walk to stay healthy. To look and feel your very best, wear the clothes that boost your confidence more often and throw the clothes that don’t into the nearest donation bin.
Duana’s final reason not to lose weight to find love is that dieting and extremely low-calorie diets can actually backfire. When the human body loses a large amount of weight in a short period of time, it will retain the weight once a higher calorie diet is reintroduced. In other words, you will gain the weight you lost back and then some! Don’t starve yourself to attain a weight that you cannot maintain and be willing to only accept the men that want you for who you are.
There is so much more to a woman than her weight. Be healthy, confident, and happy in your own skin, and the right men will recognize that your beauty is not defined by a number. In the comments below, let us know your thoughts on Duana’s tips on how to find love and why you shouldn’t lose weight to do so.
About the Guest: With a PhD in developmental psychology, Duana found that her interests had been shifting over the years to the psychology of relationships. Convinced that if she could use her background in social science to help others, she could in turn help herself better understand how romantic relationships work. Duana soon began writing books with dating tips for women on how to find love.
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