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Empower Your High Value Self Confidence

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Love in 90 Days

Show #260: It’s Never Too Late…To Empower Your High Value Self Confidence

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Dr. Diana Kirschner – Author of “Love in 90 Days” is sharing with you how to increase your self-confidence and self esteem in dating.

Do you feel like your childhood trauma is still preventing you from finding love?

You’re not alone!
Let me share with you, Dr. Diana’s story…
It all started from the day Diana was born, she wasn’t wanted by either of parents.
Her mother didn’t want her because the pregnancy put her health at risk, and her father didn’t want another girl.
She didn’t feel loved throughout her childhood because of the way her father treated her.
He was a raging alcoholic, who only told her once in his life that he loved her…and that was when he was drunk, so it meant absolutely nothing to her.

Didn’t Deserve of Love

It was so painful for Diana, that it negatively affected her dating patterns as an adult.
Diana grew up thinking it was always too late for her to ever have confidence and be deserving of love.
For years she dated all the wrong men, took crumbs and tried desperately to make them love her.
The truth was she didn’t understand what love really was, and had to learn how to create it from ground zero.
On her quest to turn her life around, she found her “fairy god mother” who changed the trajectory of her life’s journey.
Dr. Diana completely transformed her life from that point on and was able to find authentic love with her soulmate husband, who she’s been married to for decades.
And today, Dr. Diana is sharing with you how to build back up your self confidence and self esteem to find the love you desire in her amazing interview on the It’s Never Too Late! Show.


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