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Show #281: It’s Never Too Late To Find Love Again

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Iris Benrubi –  Dating & Relationship Coach is sharing with you how it’s never too late for women over 50 to live their best life and find love again.

Her Marriage Fell Apart

Iris married her soulmate and was pretty confident that they would be married for life.

So, imagine the shock she felt, when her husband of 18 years told her he wanted a divorce!

Iris found herself completely lost.

She wasn’t a wife any more.

She was a part time mom to her children who were growing up.

She didn’t know where she fit in anymore.

And she certainly didn’t know how to start dating again in her 40’s.

Settling for Unhealthy Relationships

For 10 years after her divorce, she found herself in many unhealthy relationships than she cares to admit.

Nothing was working and she didn’t understand why…after all, Iris was a psychotherapist and coach, so she should know better, right?


Iris realized that she needed a coach to help her see through her blind spots…the things that were blocking her and not working where she kept ending up back at square one, yet again.

Through the process of working with her coach, she realized that she would pretzel herself into a persona of herself, just so a man would pick her.

When he did pick her, ultimately he wouldn’t treat her right and she would tolerate his bad behavior.

She began to suppress her own needs, just to make the relationship work.

She realized that these beliefs and patterns were keeping her stuck, safe and in the wrong place.

She Became The Buyer!

When she started to make some powerful changes, she shifted her mindset into becoming, “The Buyer”.

Instead of waiting for a man to pick her, she shifted into asking herself…

“Can he fit into my life and give me what I need?”

This was a whole new way of being and thinking for Iris…and that’s when her entire life changed.

At 59 years young, Iris finally met the love of her life, Wayne.
Wayne is the most amazing man. He’s attentive, supportive and loves every part of Iris.

When Iris is traveling, Wayne is the type of man who shows up at the airport standing there waiting with a sign declaring his love her:

“My Cinderella…Must love: convertibles, salsa dancing and ME!”

Believe it or not, fairy tales do exist in 2019!

If you’re ready to find love again like Iris did then tune into my amazing interview, “It’s Never Too Late…To Find Love Again!” with Iris Benrubi, Dating & Relationship Coach.

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