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Find Love Again with an Amazing Man

Find Love Again with an Amazing Man

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Show #298: It’s Never Too Late…To Find Love Again with an Amazing Man!

Finding Love Again is Easy, Right?

She’s so beautiful that finding love for her must be easy, right?


Lisa was married for 13 long years to a man who was a pathological liar.

So, why did she stay so long…you ask?

Only because she was completely terrified of leaving him.

You see, Lisa never really had great relationships and she felt like a colossal failure when it came to love.

Now divorced, she had to face a hard reality because she didn’t want to waste another 13 years on the wrong man again.

While she could have easily blamed her ex-husband, she knew it was her own issues that she had to fix, so she could find love again with the right man.

She Did The Inner Work

At the beginning of her journey, Lisa had to get real with herself and asked herself these hard questions…

“Why did you pick him (her ex-husband)?”

And “why did you stay so long (for 13 years)?” especially when he wasn’t fulfilling her needs.

She began to truly focus on herself and did all the inner personal work…but men were still not beating down her door to be with her.

How She Found Love Again After 40!

So, that’s when she really put herself out there and went on countless first dates and only a handful of second dates…

While Lisa could have easily gotten discouraged or given up completely, she never did.

And that’s when she got an email from Benjamin…after a quick exchange, they met for a first date.

When Benjamin met Lisa…

He saw her beauty inside and out and knew that he wanted to marry her after the very first date.

To find out how Benjamin knew that Lisa was The One after the very first date, tune into my amazing interview with both of them.

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