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Never Too Late for Love


Show #282: It’s Never Too Late To Find Love In Your Second Half of Life!

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Dr. Joan Bragar – Author of “It’s Never Too Late for Love” is sharing with you why it’s never too late to find love again in your 60’s.

Single Again at 58!

Joan was shocked to find herself single again at 58.

It wasn’t where she thought she would be at that point in her life, but it was inevitable as they were just going in different directions in life.

Joan Didn’t Know How to Date!

Joan had to start all over again.

She didn’t know how to date again and if she was being completely honest, she was really scared!

Her adult son told her that she really need to put herself online, but she was terrified because she didn’t know how to create a profile.

But she knew she had to do it, because all the other avenues weren’t working for her.

Her friends weren’t setting her up on dates and she wasn’t meeting any men at events.

Where Are All The Men In Their 60’s?

When she finally got her profile up on a site, she was pleasantly surprised to find that…that’s where all the men were in their 60’s!

Over a two year period, she met some nice men and some not so much.

But Joan was committed to find the right man by 59…but when that didn’t happen she didn’t give up, she just adjusted her timeline to 60.

He DID NOT Want to Date Younger Women!

And that’s when Joan met the right man who was in his 60’s, too!

She asked him why he didn’t want to date younger women and he said he wanted to date a woman from his generation, not his son’s age.

He wanted a woman who he could relate to and who was at a similar place in life going into their next chapter.

In the beginning stages of dating, they both took it slow with each other.

He took it slow with Joan, as he truly wanted to see if they really liked each other as friends first before getting physical.

And Joan would not marry him until she knew him for 2 years, as she wanted to make sure he was right for her.

Joan Got Married Again at 62!

During that time, he still proposed to Joan several times, but kept turning him down…and then finally at the young age of 62, Joan finally said, “Yes!” and married the love of her life.

If you’ve found yourself single again and didn’t expect to be at this place in your life and you truly want to find love again like Joan, then tune into my amazing interview, “It’s Never Too Late…To Find Love In Your Second Half of Life!” with Dr. Joan Bragar, Author of “It’s Never Too Late for Love”

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