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How to Get a Man to Open Up & Share His Feelings!

So much of our success in love depends on the things we say and do in our relationships.
But when a relationship isn’t open in its communication, and you feel like he just isn’t sharing his feelings with you, it can be hard to feel truly connected with him on the more emotional level that you crave.
This week, Antia and I discuss a topic that will help you better understand how to achieve the openness in communication that you’re looking for in a relationship: how to get him to open up and share his feelings.

Start the Communication Yourself

The first tip Antia has for getting him to open up and share his feelings is for you to go first. When we set the stage for the type of communication we hope to draw out of him, it will allow him to feel more comfortable in sharing some of the deeper elements of his life with you. When you’re sharing, try your best to communicate vulnerability – things that make you feel uncomfortable. Doing so will establish the level of trust that is crucial to open and honest communication between you and your partner.

Come From a Pure Place When Sharing Your Feelings

In order to encourage him to open up and share his feelings, you should share your feelings by coming from a pure place as opposed to having an agenda. Free yourself from the horrible feelings of rejection that you may experience by letting go of the outcome. When you do this, not only will you be able to establish further trust, but you’ll be able to let him know what you’re truly feeling about him, your life, and your relationship together.

Continue to Be Yourself

The third and final of Antia’s tips for getting him to open up and share his feelings is to continue to be yourself. Don’t change yourself just to placate anybody – change if and when you feel as though you need to for yourself. Allow the relationship you have with a man to be based not on what he wants you to be, but on who you already are as a woman. You’re so incredibly unique, so make sure to highlight this in everything that you end up sharing with your partner!
What do you think about Antia’s tips on how to get him to open up and share his feelings? Let us know in the comments below!
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