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How to Get Engaged in a Year!
How to Get Engaged in a Year!

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Show #12: My guest on the show is Debi Berndt, Best Selling Author of “Let Love In” and Co-Founder at Creative Love. Debi works with women who really want to find their true love or heal their current relationship by discovering their true self. Debi has helped thousands of single women, just like yourself get engaged through her ever popular life changing course:
Engaged in a Year!

Debi & I discuss how to get engaged in a year:

  • It is really possible to change your dating life and get engaged in a year!
  • Why it’s important to figure out what’s driving your attraction to a certain type of men
  • You have to go deep into the root of what you really want in a relationship
  • The patterns you keep repeating that prevent you from meeting the one
  • Are you looking for a man to just fulfill what you’re missing in your own life?
  • You have to determine if you really want someone who is good for you
  • Every relationship in your life, is a reflection of yourself
  • If you’re attracting men who are abusive or non-committal, then you have to take a look inward
  • Sometimes you have to shift your inner relationship, in order to find the right man
  • You have to make yourself better first, before you can meet the right man
  • A gorgeous man can’t make your life better
  • Why it’s bad to be co-dependent
  • Why it’s important to attract someone who is true to yourself
  • What’s lacking in your life, may be holding you back from meeting the right man
  • Why you should stop trying to fix yourself all the time
  • Become aware of the patterns that keep repeating in your relationships
  • You’re really looking for the experience & connection with someone
  • Patterns can only be changed when you’re aware of them
  • Why you may think you’re OK with being single, but you’re really not
  • Why you need to face your fears and go through them
  • Why people will lie to themselves to stay within their comfort zone
  • You can make the choice to meet the right person
  • Why you need to stop making excuses
  • Why there’s nothing wrong with working with a Dating Coach
  • You’re trained as a human to have dysfunctional relationships
  • Why your mind will only show you, what you’re ready to see
  • You may already know your future husband, you just have to become more aware of what’s around you
  • The love you’re seeking is already around you
  • You will attract how & what you feel
  • When you change your mindset, you’ll meet the right man

Watch Now and find out how you can get engaged in a year!

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