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Heal Breast Cancer Naturally

Show #263: It’s Never Too Late…To Get Healthy Even When You Have Breast Cancer

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Dr. VAuthor of “Heal Breast Cancer Naturally” is sharing with you how to get healthy even when you have breast cancer.

“How could I get breast cancer?”

It’s a question many women ponder after being diagnosed.

In fact, it’s the same way Dr. V, author of “Heal Breast Cancer Naturally” felt after she was diagnosed.

She didn’t understand how someone like herself could get breast cancer…after all, she led a healthy lifestyle by exercising regularly and eating organic. And she even breast fed her children.

After being diagnosed twice, on her journey to heal from breast cancer, she began to take a closer look at her own lifestyle…

What was she missing?!

As she started to dig deeper, she had a big discovery about herself.

While she was overall relatively healthy, she realized that there was one aspect where she had been neglectful…she forgot about self-nurturing and self care.

She had always put others before herself, both personally and professionally.

She had been working excessively long hours, putting others needs above her own, not drawing healthy boundaries, and to top it off, had some new dental issues.

She soon realized how all these things combined had become the perfect environment for breast cancer.

But she didn’t allow this defeat her. She was on a mission not only for herself, but for other women who had been diagnosed.

7 Essentials to Get Healthy

And that’s when she uncovered the 7 essentials to lead a more healthy lifestyle.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been diagnosed with breast cancer or not…these 7 essentials for a healthy lifestyle can help ALL women.

Just remember, knowledge is power!

When you take stock in your life and are proactive about your own health…you empower your mind and body to adopt a better way of living…so, you can transform your life!

If you want to find out how to lead a more healthy lifestyle and prevent breast cancer, Dr. V is sharing with the 7 essentials that every woman needs to know in this amazing interview.

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