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Show #322: How to Make It a Great First Date!

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I have a question for you…

When you finally meet a man that you actually like and he asks you out for a first date…

Do you get the first date jitters?

You’re not alone!

It’s totally normal to get nervous before a first date, especially if you haven’t dated in a few years or more.

You start think about a myriad of things…as the date draws closer.

How can I make the best first impression?

What should we talk about?

What if he’s “The One!”?!

Oh, so many thoughts start running through your mind, that it makes you even more nervous.

You start to panic a little…and you think to yourself:

Maybe I should just cancel the date?

Maybe I’m not ready to date, after all it’s been years, since I’ve been on a first date.

Wait, before you cancel the date, let’s take the pressure off of you.

Remember, you’re just going to meet someone new and while it’s a first date, I’m going to share with you on today’s interview with my guest host, Marjorie Adams-Fiore on how to make it a great first date and the best first impression.

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