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Last weekend, I met my old college roommate, Ginny* and her good friend, Lisa* (*names have been changed to protect their privacy) for brunch at a great outdoor cafe on the beach.

It couldn’t have been a more perfect day with the waves crashing in the background and the light breeze.

When Ginny and I got there we sat down, as Lisa was running late.

I had never met Lisa, so I didn’t know anything about her or what to expect.

As we were catching up while browsing the menus, Lisa comes barreling towards the table and sits down in a big huff.

And that’s when the energy at the table completely changed. Lisa abruptly interrupts our conversation and starts ranting about a man she’s been talking to online.

Lisa said, “Our first date is next week and I think he’s great, BUT…”

Of course, there’s always a ‘but!’

As she continued on, “…even though he sounds great, I’m not so sure about him.”

And that’s when she started going down the path of everything that MIGHT be wrong with him.

I was thinking…wait, you haven’t met him yet, how do you know?!

It was almost as if, she was looking for every reason why he would be the wrong man for her…

And while she may not have realized it, she was sabotaging the first date with her negative judgments about him, before she even met him.

The truth is Lisa’s not alone, I’ve seen so many women make the same mistake.

It’s so important to go into a first date with a positive attitude and focusing on the green flags in a man, otherwise you just might be sabotaging it.

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