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He Disappeared - Why that's a good thing

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Show #323: He Disappeared…Why That’s a Good Thing!

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I have a question for you…

Have you ever been dating a man and everything was going great?

He was amazing in every possible way. You had great chemistry, attraction…and more he treated you with so much respect and you felt safe to be open and vulnerable with him.

Then out of nowhere, the dreaded happened…he disappeared into thin air!

You never heard from him again…no texts, no phone calls, nothing!

What the __________ happened?! (you can fill in the blank!)

You start to rack your brain and play every scenario in your head of the last time you saw him, and you wonder what could have happened…

You think to yourself, was it something I said?

Was it something I did?

No matter what, you still can’t figure out to this day, what heck happened?!

But what if I told you, that it’s a good thing he disappeared?

I know…right now, you’re saying, “What?!”

Yes, really…it’s a good thing he disappeared and I share with you why on today’s show with my amazing guest host, Monica Topete.

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