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Cosmic Smash Booking

Show #273: It’s Never Too Late…To Heal & Recover From Abandonment

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Catt Z – Cosmic Smashbook Guide is sharing with you a creative unique way on how to heal and recover from abandonment.

Do You Have a Fear of Abandonment?

If you have a fear of abandonment…you’re not alone!

Most people have a fear of abandonment from something that happened either in their childhood, or from something that happened in a significant relationship or marriage.

The challenge isn’t avoiding abandonment, as that’s unrealistic. The real challenge is how to heal and recover from abandonment when it does happen.

Forgiveness is Key!

Once you’re abandoned, it would be easy to go down the negative hateful path. But it’s important to make a conscious choice to not go down that rabbit hole because once you do, it’s a lot harder to get out.

While you may not be able to forgive him right away, it’s important to take the first step and forgive him at some point in the healing process.

Why, you ask?

It’s not for him…it’s for you!

Because you don’t want to live the rest of your life in victim mentality of, “Oh, poor me!”

And you surely don’t want people to pity and feel sorry for you, by saying as you walk by…

“Her husband left her and she’s never been the same!”

You want people to say…

“Oh there she goes and wow, her life has never been the same. It’s even better than before!”

But how do you get to the place of forgiveness and healing?

You could go to therapy, or you could utilize a more unique and creative method of healing called, Cosmic Smashbooking.

What is Cosmic Smashbooking?

Cosmic Smashbooking is a mash up of art journaling and your potential creativity.

In this creative process, you bring together all the five senses to create an artistic page that connects to your internal self and what abandonment means for you.

After you create the page, then you end the process with a prayer to please show you, tell you, heal you, inform you, instruct you, and guide you through the healing process.

If you want to find out more about what it is, then tune into my amazing interview with Cosmic Smashbook Guide, Catt Z in “It’s Never Too Late…To Heal & Recover from Abandonment!”

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