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Show #269: It’s Never Too Late…To Heal Your Relationship with Food & Love Your Body!

Click Here => Betty Jean Bell’s WebsiteBetty Jean Bell - Being Badass

Betty Jean Bell – You Are Enough Confidence Coach is sharing with you how to heal your relationship with food and love your body with confidence for women over 40.

You Don’t Need To Lose Weight To Date!

Have you ever said this to yourself…

“I need to lose weight, before I get out there and date!”

You’re not alone!

So many women have this belief that they can’t date or find love until they’re 10, 30, or over 50 lbs lighter.

But here’s the problem with that type of thinking…

Do you realize when you say that…basically, what you’re saying to the universe is:

“A man can’t love me until I lose weight.”


“In order to find love, I have to look a certain way.”

And that’s just not true!

You Can Find Love At Any Size!

I’ve had clients of all shapes and sizes find love again, just the way they are.

A man can love you exactly where you’re at today, because it’s not about the weight.

The truth is, it begins from within YOU!

It’s time for you to let go of the bad four letter word…Diet!

Because dieting is about restriction and “white knuckling” control, which isn’t fun or sustainable for the long term.

Which is why 80% of people fail at dieting!

So, it’s time for you heal your relationship with food and start loving your body, just the way it is…because that’s when you’ll find a loving relationship with yourself and the right man!

If you want to know how Betty Jean Bell, You Are Enough Confidence Coach was able to let go of her issues with food and love her body then tune into my amazing interview, “It’s Never Too Late…To Heal Your Relationship with Food & Love Your Body!”.

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