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How to Communicate with Men
How to Communicate with a Man


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Show #74: My guest on the show is Tripp, Dating Coach from TrippAdvice.com.

Tips on How to Communicate with a Man!

When you’re dating or in a relationship with a man, communication is key. It’s actually what can make or break a relationship, because men and women communicate so differently. Quite honestly, men & women basically speak two different “languages” all together.
So, since Tripp date coaches men, he knows what the biggest mistakes are when it comes to communication between men and women. Here are his 3 best tips on communication with a man and what men want from you:

  • Be Direct!

It’s important to be direct with men, as they don’t want to guess what you really mean.   And you should be open about how you’re feeling with whatever the issue or problem is.

And when a man asks you, “What’s wrong?”, never, ever say to a man, “Nothing!”…especially if something is bothering you.

Just remember men aren’t ‘mind readers’!

  • Be Clear About It – Don’t Beat Around the Bush

Women tend to think that men aren’t good listeners, but the truth is…men are very good listeners when you’re being clear and they can understand what you want.

So, don’t beat around the bush, just be clear and open when communicating with him.

  • Don’t Assume

Don’t assume what’s going on, if you do then your imagination will start to run wild.

Be honest and just find out what’s going on. Because the more you assume, you’re going to drive yourself crazy and you’re not going to be able to direct, clear and honest about how you’re feeling.

And never assume or expect the worst, because you’re just setting yourself up for fight, when it actually might be nothing.

All in all, when you’re direct, clear and open…it can help you form a great relationship with a man. And it will help prevent a lot of fights in the future and it will create a great foundation for a relationship in the future.
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