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How to Get Over a Breakup
How to get over a breakup!

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Show #13: My guest on the show is Ellen Smoak, Professional Love Strategist and Author of “Breakups are a Bitch, but Getting Over Him Doesn’t Have to Be“.  Ellen helps both men & women get over and recover from that devastating breakup. Ellen has helped single men & women, just like yourself get over a break up and either move on or get back together.

Ellen & I discuss how to get over a breakup:

•    Learn what not to do when you break up
•    Why you can’t let a broken heart break you down
•    How long should it take to heal from a break up?
•    When is it time to move on?
•    Ways to change your inner belief system
•    You have to change from the inside out
•    How you can make a change in your life
•    How mantras can help you get over a break up
•    The hardest thing to do is to stop thinking about your ex
•    Mistakes to avoid when you’re trying to get over a break up
•    There’s a right way to break up
•    Why you need to stop stalking them online
•    Can you stay friends with your Ex?
•    Why your friends aren’t the best people to go to for advice to help you get over your break up
•    Why a dating coach is better for you to work with
•    Why making the choice to get over him is the hardest decision you will make
•    What you should do when you really want to call or text him after a break up
•    Is there still a chance you’ll get back together?
•    Even if he broke up with you, he’s hurting just as much as you!
Watch Now and find out how to get over a breakup!

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