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How to Be More than a Fling to Him
How to Be More than a Fling to Him!



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Show #60: My guest on the show is Tripp, Dating Coach at TrippAdvice.com.
Tripp is a top Dating Coach for men. He has worked with thousands of single men in helping them with their dating skills, get the women they want and get into a long term relationship.

Being a single man himself, and having worked with thousands of single men, Tripp knows what men really think and want from women…and more importantly he knows what a man will do just to have sleep with you. And Tripp is sharing his best tips on how to be more than just  a fling to man!

How to Be More than a One Night Stand to Him:

  • Don’t jump into bed too soon!

If you sleep with him too soon (as in, within the first couple of dates), you won’t know if he’s in it just for the sex. If the man is just in it for the sex, then you’ll just become  a fling to him!

Now, it’s not to say that a relationship can’t develop if you sleep with him too soon, but your chances are much slimmer.  If you are really looking for a long term relationship, then don’t give it up too soon!

  •  Show boundaries, but be interested

If you don’t show him you’re interested, then he’ll take it as, you’re not really that into him and he won’t take you seriously.

So, how can you tell a man you’re not ready to sleep with him?

According to Tripp, this is the easiest question to answer! Tripp says women always make it so difficult, but it’s really not.

All you have to do is just have an honest conversation with him, and tell him how you feel.  Tell him that it will happen, but you’re just not ready right now.  And make sure you tell him, that it doesn’t mean that you’re not interested in him.  Tell him you like him and that you’re having a lot of fun, and you want to see where this is going. The most important thing to remember is, men don’t like to be left in the dark.

Now, if a man likes you and has a true interest in you, he will be there and wait for you, when you’re ready.  And if the man disappears, then you know what his true intentions were and you should be glad you didn’t sleep with him!

  • Get on the phone and get off of texting

If a man just wants a fling, then he’s not going to want to be bothered calling you and having real conversations.  When you’re on the phone with a man, it’s about making a real emotional connection with him.

If he just wants to sleep with you, then he’ll just want to stick to communicating to you through texting.  He’s the type of man that will text you late at night and ask you to come over. His texts are quick and to the point.  He’s not interested in having any sort of emotional connection.

You should know, if a man likes you…then he’s going to want to get on the phone with you. He’s not going to say, ‘no’ to that.

So, what if all he does is text you, how do you get him to call you?

This is so simple, so don’t make it complicated.  You can give him a call and just say, “hey, I’m driving and I can’t text so I thought I’d give you a call”, or you can just tell him after he texts you, “Sounds great, give me a call later and let’s figure it out”.

And if that doesn’t work, just tell him you’re not a big texter, that you prefer talking on the phone.  If a man likes you and wants you, he will do whatever you want….trust me!

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  1. Vicky D. says:

    Great advice. Except I’m soooo not a phone person, got a phone phobia actually. Txt is OK for short communications only, not for establishing a relationship.
    Some people express themselves best in writing and email can be a great way to communicate ideas and romance without time pressure and being put on the spot.

    1. Thanks Vicki, glad you liked it. If you’re not a phone person, then email, like you said is a great way to communicate with him. You have to do what works best for you. 🙂

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