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Attract a Strong Man Who Takes the Lead


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Show #236: My guest on the show is Bex Burton, a Certified Dream Builder & Love Coach at BexBurtonCoaching.com.

How to Attract a Strong Man Who Takes the Lead

Bex Burton has always been a strong, independent woman, but the road to getting to where she is wasn’t easy.
She went through trial after trial and years and years of searching for the true love that she craved. When she finally found it, she felt the need deep down within her to share her experience and inspire other women.
This week, Bex and I discuss a topic that so many women find themselves struggling with: how to attract a strong man who takes the lead.

Attract a Strong Man By Being Authentic

Strong, masculine men are attracted to authenticity, so don’t believe that you have to hide your true self to please the men that you’re meeting and dating. There’s a myth out in the dating world that strong men don’t want an independent, high-performing woman… and that’s not true! Show up to your date as your true self. He will appreciate your stability and won’t have to fear a personality change halfway through the date or relationship. He will be able to get to know your true self from the very beginning as opposed to a façade you’ve created in order to satisfy your perception of his expectations.

A Stable Identity Will Draw the Strong Man In

Going hand-in-hand with authenticity, strong men who take the lead are attracted to a woman whose words match their actions, and whose beliefs and behaviors align. These are qualities that point to a woman who has a stable identity, who is grounded in herself and her perception of who she is in this world. By being so, you’ll evoke your man to take the lead in the relationship. You’ll be able to show men that you’re also strong and independent. Not in an intimidating way, but in a way that allows him to relate to you on a much deeper level emotionally.

Be Present and Aware to Evoke Him to Take the Lead

To be present and aware of our own experience of what we want and need is incredibly important when seeking out a strong man who takes the lead. Knowing our non-negotiables and boundaries helps set the stage for an attraction grounded in a mutual understanding of the masculine and feminine energy that you both possess. Women who are connected and allow their man to feel more deeply and fully are so valuable, and he will be evoked to take the lead and give you the love and care that you’ve been craving for.
What do you think about Bex’s tips on how to attract a strong man who takes the lead? Let us know in the comments below!
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