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Attract Emotionally Available Men

Attract Emotionally Available Man

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Why Do You Attract Emotionally Unavailable Men?

Do you keep attracting emotionally unavailable men and don’t know why?

You’re not alone!

Believe it or not, the type of men you’re attracting into your life right now, can be a direct correlation to your childhood.

What Happened In Your Childhood?

When Antia was 18 months old, she tried to crawl into bed next to her mother for comfort and love. But to her dismay, she was met with a stern voice that said, “Don’t bother me!”

Throughout her younger years, her mother made her feel like she was a total burden. So, Antia made sure she didn’t need anyone for anything. And she certainly prided herself on being so self sufficient and independent as a young woman.

How It Can Negatively Effect Dating

While that all sounds very noble, what Antia didn’t realize was that it wasn’t serving her well when she started dating because she would send out mixed messages to men.

And it was no surprise that she started to attract emotionally unavailable men, because she was also emotionally unavailable.

It wasn’t until Antia got sick and tired, of being “sick and tired” of attracting emotionally unavailable men into her life and was determined to figure out what was holding her back.

And that’s when she had a complete breakthrough and met her husband, Brody within a year!

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