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I’m Suzanne Oshima

I help inspire & empower smart successful women to realize…
it’s never too late, to create your next amazing story in life & love!

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How to Attract the Right Man
How to Attract the Right Man

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Where to meet men
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Show #135: My guest on the show is Nicole Moore, Love Coach at Love Works Method.
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  1. kurkal98 says:

    Great video! I did make a list of 30 reasons, but I actually made a list of 60! I am not bragging but it does help to list out reasons why you are great. Many of them were not superficial either. If you act out the reasons why you are great, it creates positive energy and you will attract great men!
    To be fair, a lot of women are mean to men. I don’t blame men for not wanting to approach women. I have seen a lot of my friends be outright rude to men. Being nice goes a long way!!

    1. Glad you liked it. 🙂 When you know you’re great, you’ll attract the right man!

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