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 How to Be More Desirable


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Show #237: My guest on the show is Patty Contenta, the founder of Sensuality Secrets.

How to Be More Desirable

For Patty Contenta, sensuality is a very physical thing. It reveals the ability of the human body to communicate with others around it and elicit a fire between two people that can spark emotions that we find in love.
Remember, ladies—you are desirable in your own way, but there’s nothing wrong with taking it up a notch. This week, Patty and I discuss how to be more desirable.

To Truly Be More Desirable, Own Your Desire

The first step in being more desirable is owning your desire and being okay with it. There are so many different ways to experience sensuality, and it should all begin with yourself. The key to truly identifying and being comfortable with your sensuality bubbles down to the root of the word: the senses. Pay attention to your senses to ignite pleasure. Be a woman who wants to feel pleasure and really enjoys it. You will be able to feel that pleasure fully, and you’ll be more centered with your senses to create a desirability that will draw men toward you.

Become More Desirable By Managing Your Sexual Energy

The ability to manage your sexual energy is crucial to being more desirable. Recognize and embrace your feminine energy. If you are a very strong, independent woman, this isn’t to say that you should change yourself to please the men that you’re dating. Be yourself, but learn to feel more comfortable in your feminine energy. Get to know your own ability to experience receptivity—the act of pausing for a moment to receive instead of constantly giving. You don’t have to always be so results-oriented or live in your masculine energy. Take the time to learn about and be more comfortable in your feminine energy.

Use Your Body Language to Be More Desirable

Being more desirable goes hand-in-hand with using the body to transition from masculine energy to feminine energy. When you’re on a date with a man, look for moments to gently caress yourself. You’ll give off energy that shows you love every inch of yourself. You’ll soften before his very eyes and melt into yourself through body language and touch. This is a great technique that shows the people are you that your confident in your own skin and aren’t afraid of loving yourself.
What do you think about Patty’s tips on being more desirable? Let us know in the comments below!
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