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how to be sexy on a date
How to Be Sexy on a Date!



what attracts a man podcast
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Show #9: My guest on the show is Abiola Abrams, Passionate Living Coach at LoveUniversity.us Abiola is a fabulous dating coach who helps women transform their dating lives.
Abiola & I discuss how to be sexy on a date without sending out the wrong message:

  • What is your energy that you’re bringing to the date?
  • Why it’s so important to have a positive attitude on every date
  • Don’t focus on everything you don’t want in a person
  • Focus on the positive things that have happened in your life
  • Smiling is your best asset
  • Wear a form fitting dress (not too tight) & stilettos – an outfit that accentuates your body
  • Walk sexy and with confidence
  • Feminine energy is receptive energy
  • Be confident in who you are & what you have to offer
  • Feel comfortable in receiving compliments
  • Wear nice lingerie
  • Feel good in your skin
  • Make a man feel needed
  • Let him plan the date
  • Let him take the lead
  • Let him pay on a date
  • Make physical contact with him – touch his arm or hand – it sends out the signal that you’re interested
  • Men like to be complimented too on a date
  • When you touch him it releases oxytocin
  • Communication on a date is not just talking, it’s about listening too
  • Why it’s important to leave a little mystery

Watch Now and find out how to be sexy on date with a man!

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1 Comment
  1. SingleinStilettos says:

    I just have to share this with you all who watch this video…These dating tips work trust me…
    See the below email I got from a woman who watched this video. She emailed me and told me this:
    “I did try one of your tips today on my way to work. Well, actually three, and I was amazed at the differance. I live in a small town in Kansas, and for exercise, I sometimes walk 3.5 miles to work…I usually put my work cloths in my backpack and wear comfy clothes to walk to work in. I also put my make-up bag in my backpack so that I can put it on at work and look “fresh”.
    Well, after watching the video of your tips with Abiola, I decided to wear a white t-shirt that fits me very well and is not over sized (bright colored clothing makes you stand out more). I also put on some make up before I left my apt…”you never know who you’re going to meet, and you will never get that first impression back.”
    Then finally, I decided to try to practice being more approachable while on my walk to work.
    Well, I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that it worked. I met men (and they were actually all men I ran into, which was convenient while walking and met them with eye contact and a smile.
    To my surprise, they said “good morning” and one even commented on the warm weather. I also looked at the drivers of on coming traffic and smiled. I had men waving at me.
    I could not believe it, it made me laugh out loud. Not overly freindly waves, but acknowledged me.
    These are all first. So I am really looking forward to listening to more of your podcasts and learning more.”
    ~ Friend from Kansas
    So, ladies, get out there and start doing those tips and you’ll meet & attract the right man! 🙂

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