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How to Love Dating Again
How to Fall in Love with Dating


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Show #214: My guest on the show is Tinzley Bradford, Author of “The Settle Free Dating Method for Women”

How to Fall in Love with Dating

On this week’s show, I welcome back Tinzley Bradford, author of The Settle Free Dating Method for Women. Inspired by her desire to help women make wiser dating choices when selecting their partners, Tinzley wrote her book to help women better understand the most common signs and flags in relationships and not settle for anything less than what they deserve.
This week, Tinzley and I discuss her dating advice for women on how to fall in love with dating.

Fall in Love with Yourself

Tinzley’s first tip on falling in love with dating is to first fall in love with yourself. You’ve heard this time and time again, but it’s completely true in order to leverage any sort of relationship with a man you’re interested in. All too often, we don’t take the time to heal from past hurt or deal with remaining issues before jumping into a new relationship, but it’s essential to find excitement and joy in yourself in order to find it with a man. When you have a strong and healthy mindset, men will notice and gravitate toward you. Show them that you’re a no-nonsense type of woman, but you’re also available and willing to make connections – be the best version of yourself.

Give Dating a Fair Shot

The second bit of dating advice for women on how to fall in love with dating is to simply give dating a shot and push yourself to actually go out and meet men. Reflect on any positive dating experiences you’ve had. Pay attention to the early stages of each relationship and look for any red flags that may indicate to you that he just isn’t a good fit. If you catch these signs early on, you’ll be able to save yourself the grief of having to deal with what you already knew would be a horrible dating experience. Don’t allow avoidable dating situations to prevent you from wanting to try. Allow yourself to commit these signs to memory to make for more enjoyable experiences with men and fall in love with dating again.

Trust the Dating Process

Tinzley’s final tip is to trust the process of dating – keep trust as the foundation for moving forward into finding the relationship of your dreams. Don’t keep yourself from finding the right man by giving in to trust issues – be comfortable in giving others a chance to connect with you on that deeper level. Realize that not every man you’ll come across will be horrible. There are so many great men out there that will treat you right, but you just have to be open and willing to meet them!
What do you think about Tinzley’s dating advice for women looking to fall back in love with dating? In the comments below, leave us your comments!

About the Guest

Over the years, Tinzley found herself in a seemingly endless state of dissatisfaction with men. Inspired by a desire to end the willingness she felt to allow men to not fulfill her and her needs, she wrote her book to empower other women to make wiser choices when it comes to men and their dating lives.
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