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Show #133: My guest on the show is Tinzley Bradford, Author of “Settle Free Dating Method for Women“.
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  1. Marie says:

    Love it ! Thank you your teachings, Suzanne and Tinzley !
    Make sure that the guy is interested in longterm, committed relationship and he has no problems to reveal it to me, is willing to do the work ! It is such a tough one for me – I did not consider the option that the guy does not want to date me to grow a serious relationship. I assumed that when he was willing to be around (hang around) that he already wants the longterm, commited relationship (why would he date ?), plus he wants to be with me. I had one experience that my ex kept saying he wants to have children (after I had more courage to show my intentions more), however he never said he wants to have children with me. Only after I put the question of the committed relationship on the table as my desire, desire for having a family, he starting to string me along via backing off from the conversation, telling things like “he has no money to buy good dental care for the children and how much it costs”….silly respond, we were dating, no marriage on the table, no children. However, I bought into it and it took me some time to understand that he was not ready to commit to me, maybe to anybody. So happy without him ! I deserve not to settle for less, not giving my precious time to someone who does not want the same as me !

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