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How to Get Men to Pursue You
How to Get Men to Pursue You Like Crazy

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Show #219: My guest on the show is Cyndi Olin, Relationship Strategist & Coach at Create Your Own Luck in Love.

How to Get Men to Pursue You Like Crazy

When it comes to finding love, it’s easy to become hopeless. Time and time again, you find the men you go on dates with are running for the hills.
You’re wondering exactly what men want and how you can stand out in their eyes as a woman worth pursuing.
You soon realize that the only common denominator… is you.
But don’t give up hope!
On this week’s show, I welcome back Cyndi Olin, a coach and relationship strategist at Find Your Own Luck in Love. Cyndi has worked as a high-end matchmaker to help women to create the relationships of their dreams after she was inspired by her own intense desire to better understand men and how they work.
This week, Cyndi and I discuss how to get men to pursue you like crazy!

A Simple Smile Will Drive Him Him

You’re out on a Sunday afternoon for grocery shopping. You like around at the store you find yourself in, and you notice just how many men are always around.
You make eye-contact with him, and you slowly count to three.
He approaches! The energy is there, and the conversation begins to unfold.
Cyndi’s first secret about what men want and how to get them to pursue you like crazy is to be present in your own body. The key is to smile, to maintain eye-contact, to offer them meaningful compliments, and to keep the cell phone in your bag or pocket. In everything that you do and everywhere that you go, be aware of your surroundings—feeling present and interacting with the many men around you in subtle ways invites them over to you, and they in turn feel welcomed to make that first connection.

Engage With Him, Emit Positive Energy

Whether you’re in a coffee shop or out on the town, engaging with men is critical.
You’re smiling, engaging in fun, light-hearted banter—and suddenly, you find men approaching you!
Cyndi’s second secret is to be aware that today’s men often refrain from pursuing and engaging with women out of respect or fear of accusations of harassment. Take it upon yourself to take that first step and talk to him—show him through your positive energy that you know good men exist and that you’re excited and passionate about your relationships with men and meeting new people.

Pull Back and Let Him Pursue You

So you’ve done all you possibly can in sparking that initial attraction with men.
You smile, you engage them in conversation, and you emit positive, vibrant energy.
He gives you his number and asks you to give him a call to schedule that coffee date.
Here’s the twist: now is the time to pull back.
Cyndi’s third secret to getting men to pursue you like crazy is to recede after you’ve taken the above mentioned steps. Let him know that you’re old-fashioned that way—that it’s your turn to be pursued and courted. Give him that permission he’s looking for to connect and chase you. Don’t seem too eager by taking the lead role so quickly. Allow him to come to you.
What do you think about Cyndi’s three secrets about what men want and how to get men to pursue you like crazy? In the comments below, let us know your own thoughts and experiences!
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