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Happy Holidays…this is such a great time of the year, as we’re wrapping up this year and ready to begin anew in 2022!

The other day, I noticed that there’s a lot of new ads on TV for dating online. And it makes total sense, because with the holidays and the new year right around the corner, everyone is thinking about their new year’s resolutions in finding love again in 2022.

Now, I know what you may be thinking…

If you’ve been dating online for awhile, you probably have a love, hate relationship with the whole thing.

And you’re definitely not alone…I hear from so many women who feel the same way that you do.

Maybe it’s because all the wrong men are reaching out to you…men who you would never even consider having a phone call with, let alone a first date.

Or maybe, you’re hearing crickets online and you’re about ready to give up.


Please don’t give up, yet!


Because what if I told you that all you need is some guidance on how to make it work for you, so you don’t waste time on the things that don’t.

And most importantly, you don’t want to miss the busiest day of the year for dating online which is January 2nd…so, let’s get you on the right tract to find love again in 2022!

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