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Dating - Burnout
How to Overcome Dating Burnout

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Show #230: My guest on the show is Cyndi Olin, Relationship Strategist & Coach at Create Your Own Luck in Love.

How to Overcome Dating Burnout

As a relationship strategist and coach, Cyndi Olin knows just how difficult dealing with dating burnout can be.
Time and time again, we sabotage ourselves as we try to get into relationships, and we can run into some complicated issues with the men in our lives. But it doesn’t have to be this way when you know the steps to take!
This week, Cyndi and I discuss how to overcome dating burnout.

Dating Burnout Starts with Your Attitude 

First thing’s first—you have to have the right attitude. If you don’t, then the type of energy you put out is what you’ll get in return. If things just aren’t working out for you and all you feel like doing is letting your emotions out with a good cry, then do it. Afterwards, make it a point to approach dating again with a fresh outlook.

Don’t Compare Him to Your Ex!

So, you’re back in the dating game again. One of the easiest ways to fall back into dating burnout is to compare the new man you’re seeing to your ex. It’s important to recognize that he’s a new man with new and amazing qualities—you just need to get to know him! Take the new relationship in stride and welcome the excitement of getting out there and meeting new people.

Set Yourself a Dating Schedule to Avoid Burnout

When you feel like the burnout has become too much to handle and all you feel like doing is giving up, urge yourself to go on one more date. Often times, we find the love of our life right as we’re about to throw in the table. An ideal way to overcome dating burnout is to set a routine for yourself. Make your dating days set for three times a week or so—on the days that you don’t have one planned, take yourself out! Having something to look forward to will make the experience that much more positive and bearable.
What do you think about Cyndi’s tips on how to overcome dating burnout? Let us know in the comments below!
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