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Show #231: My guest on the show is Jaki Sabourin, Love & Dating Coach at Engaged at Any Age.

How to Overcome Your Fear of Abandonment

For Jaki Sabourin, the road to love wasn’t always a clear one. She struggled with issues that kept her from moving forward in her love life.
It wasn’t until she took the plunge and hired a coach of her own that she was able to finally become the person she’d always wanted to be.
This week, Jaki and I discuss how to overcome your fear of abandonment, a topic that speaks to the fear that can paralyze us moving forward with our lives.

Your Fear of Abandonment Stems from Your Childhood

To overcome your fear of abandonment, you need to start by recognizing where those fears actually stem from. More often than not, these fears start very early on in our childhood. Maybe a parent abandoned you when you were young—ever since then, you were scared to let people too close. To overcome these fears, start nurturing your inner-self. If a man doesn’t call you back, love and accept the part of yourself that is terrified of those feelings of abandonment until you feel safe again. Keep practicing this, and each time it will get easier and easier to feel confident in yourself regardless of the outcome of your dating life.

Don’t Take It Personal 

To overcome your fear of abandonment, never take things personal. This sounds hard, especially when dating seems like such a personal process. But realize you’re only half of the equation when it comes to dating, so don’t automatically assume a man not calling you back has everything to do with you. Our tendency to take things too personally stems from an attachment to outcomes, so do your best to step away from the outcome of a date and take care of yourself. Learn to process your disappointment—the faster you do, the better the chances you’ll be on your way to finding the man of your dreams.

Take Responsibility of Your Feelings

Overcome your fear of abandonment by taking responsibility for your feelings. The more you push down your feelings, the bigger those feelings and problems will become, causing you to feel even more overwhelmed. By addressing your feelings from the very beginning of the dating process, you’ll be able to identify exactly the right course of action for your situation and overcome your fears of abandonment.
What are your thoughts on Jaki’s tips on how to overcome your fear of abandonment? Leave your comments below!
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