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How to Remove Self Sabotage in Love

When it comes to love, self sabotage is more common than you might think.
When all the chemistry and feelings are flowing, it can be extremely difficult to notice when things are going south. It can be even harder when the problem is yourself!
Today, Abiola Abrams and I discuss ways that you can self sabotage to be on your way to finding the relationship of your dreams.

Focus on Your Role

The best way to get ahead of self sabotage is to be aware of yourself and your role in every relationship that you have—after all, the common denominator in every relationship you have is you! It can be tempting to constantly put the blame on others or your circumstances, but taking action for your role in relationships is the first step in identifying the underlying causes of your problems in love. If you’re noticing recurring issues or patterns of problems arising, take a look at your own behaviors to see if your relationships can benefit from a change in your dating strategy and outlook.

Pinpoint What You Think You Deserve

One of the most heartbreaking mindsets to have is one where you don’t feel like you truly deserve love. Another way to identify self sabotage in love is to tap into your own fears and anxieties in relation to yourself. Write in a journal and start to explore what you feel you truly deserve in a relationship. What are the type of men you’re attracting? Are you consistently getting into relationships where you don’t feel loved and appreciated? Like all things, relationships are like mirrors. The type of relationships you’re attracting and settling for are the first sign of what you truly think you deserve. By realizing this, you’ll be able to discover your own self-worth and finally take the next step toward removing self sabotage from your love life.

Identify Your Moments of Self Sabotage

To really tackle your self sabotaging tendencies in love, monitor when these moments of discourse in your relationships arise. By knowing exactly what can trigger a self sabotaging type of behavior in yourself, you’ll be able to better understand why you behave the way you do and how you can best solve the problem.
What do you think about Abiola’s tips on how to remove self sabotage in love? Let us know in the comments below!
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