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The other day, I got together for lunch with a good old friend from New York, who had just moved to Southern California 6 months ago.

We hadn’t seen each other in years, and before I could even plant my butt in my chair at the restaurant, Sheila blurted out, “I’m so irritated”.

In my head I was thinking, oh no…what happened?!

Sheila’s eyes were welling up with tears, as she began to gripe, “My cousin whose been divorced for a little over 2 years put herself out there for the very first time online and…BOOM, just like that she meets a great man and now they’re planning a trip to Italy this summer.”

As she continued to vent, I just reached across the table and held her hand…and that’s when she started to cry…

“I just don’t understand why it was so fricken easy for her. Here I am going on 5 years single with nada…zilch, not ONE good man! I mean, what am I doing wrong?!”

And that’s when I asked her to show me her online profile.

She reluctantly pulled out her phone and opened up the Match app and slide her phone across the table.

As I swiped through her photos, one by one and then I scanned her essay...I could immediately tell why she wasn’t meeting anyone great.

If you’ve been doing the online thing for awhile like Sheila, and you’re not meeting anyone to write home about, then tune into my interview with my guest host, Marjorie Adams Fiore. I’m going to share with you…how to tackle online dating & make it work for you.

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