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How to Win a Man Over
How to Win Him Over


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How to Win a Man Over from a Man’s Point of View:

Getting a first date with a man isn’t that hard. However, when it comes to winning a man over into a long term relationship, that’s where a lot of women fall short.
If you understand how men think and what they want, you’re more likely to win a man over, if you just make yourself aware of these things about him:

  • Understand what makes him tick

It’s important to listen very closely to what he’s really passionate about and what’s important to him. It doesn’t matter if he loves sports, clothes, or a specific musical group…just give him a surprise of something that’s related to what he’s passionate about.

When you do that, it will make a huge impression on him and he will remember it.

  • Understand the relationship he has with his mother

If he has a really good relationship with his mother, then it’s important to find out what characteristics or traits that he loves about her because those are some of the same traits he will be looking for in the woman he wants to marry.

  • Food is really important to a man

Men love it when a woman can cook.  It sounds so simple, but if you can figure out how to master cooking his favorite dish, you will impress him to no end.

You’ve heard the saying, “the way to a man’s heart, is through his stomach”…and it’s true. So, if you don’t know how to cook, it’s time to learn!

  • Just show him that you’re thinking about him

Men love surprises, so surprise with him with something small that shows him that you’re thinking about him.  Trust me when I say, it’s not about spending a lot of money. It’s truly about the thought that counts!

It’s important to understand that a relationship is about giving, not about taking. Like attracts, like!  If you do all these things, a man will take notice that he has a good woman around and he may just fall in love with you and want to keep you around for the long term.
If you want to know the REAL secrets to meeting men, then check out my eBook, “The Secrets to Meeting Men!”…even if you’re shy!

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