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How to meet men & where to meet men
Where to Meet Men & How to Meet Men


what attracts a man podcast
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Show #7: My guest on the show is Marni Kinrys, Wing Girl at The Wing Girl Method. Marni is the innovator of Wing Girls. She coined the term over 10 years ago.
Marni has worked with over tens of thousands of men and has helped them meet the women they want to meet. These same men have told her their real feelings on approaching and meeting women when they’re out.
Marni & I discuss:

  • How to meet men
  • Where to meet men
  • What to do if you live in a city where there’s more single women than single men
  • What you really need to do to meet men
  • How to approach a guy on the subway
  • What the biggest misconception men have about women
  • Why you need to be more open
  • Ways to be more open so men approach
  • What to do if you’re really shy
  • How to be more outgoing
  • Why men are so afraid to approach you
  • What if you make eye contact & smile at a guy…is it rejection if he doesn’t approach?
  • The signs men look for if they’re going to approach you
  • The most amazing men can be insecure
  • What to do if you’re nervous about having a conversation with a guy
  • The biggest things that prevent a guy from thinking of a woman in terms of a long term relationship
  • How some red flags can scare men away
  • What to do if a guy talks the whole time during a date and doesn’t ask you any questions
  • What can happen if you’ve been on 5 bad dates in a row
  • Why sometimes you need to take a break from dating
  • Why men don’t think like women
  • Why men are confused by what you say and what you really mean
  • Why you need to stop sending men mixed messages

Watch Now and find out how to meet men & where to meet men!
Check out Marni’s Blog, where she give great dating advice & tips: The Wing Girl Method Blog

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